Constant Homemakers and Companions Inc.

Reliable and Affordable Homemaker and Companion Service Agency Located in Connecticut

Live-In Assistance

A live-in homemaker and companion provides your loved ones with 24-hour in home assistance. Clients living with limitations due to physical and/or mental disability can benefit from having a live-in homemaker and companion.

Companion Services

In our busy world, most seniors find themselves living alone. Being isolated and lonely can be challenging. Live-in homemakers and companions’ services can offer consistent companionship for you and/or a loved one.​


Every now and then, families and custodians may need a break. Our respite homemakers and companions are ready to step in and are available for hourly, overnight, daily, and weekly relieves.

Transportation services

Does your loved one need transportation to the hospital, events, appointments, or church? Our companions are available to provide transportation assistance.


The Veterans Benefits Administration, a branch of the VA, offers tax-free, monthly monetary payments to certain wartime veterans with financial need, and their survivors

Your Needs, Our Top Priority

We treat each and every client as if they were a part of our own family. We work hard to match you and your loved ones with a caring and dependable professional who will provide you with the services you need, right in the comfort of your home.

Our Recent Posts

Shedding Light on Elder Abuse: A Call to Action 

Community awareness campaigns, like the “See Something, Say Something” initiatives, empower individuals to recognize signs of elder abuse and report them promptly. All our employees here at Constant Homemakers and Companions Inc are trained to speak up when something is wrong.